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Terms & Conditions

1. Prior to Chugachmiut approval, any Borrower must provide satisfactory evidence of authority to insure the safety and security of items. An approved signature for responsibility such as Executive Director, Principal, School District Administrator or Curator of Collections must be provided.

2. Objects covered by this agreement shall remain in the condition in which they are received. The objects shall not be cleaned, repaired, retouched, or altered in any way except with the permission of Chugachmiut.

a. Objects borrowed shall be given proper care to insure against loss, damage, or deterioration. The Borrower agrees to meet any special requirements for installation or handling.
b. If damage or loss occurs, Chugachmiut is to be notified with a written and photographic report within 24 hours.

3. The Borrower will insure each object, wall-to-wall, against all risks of physical loss or damage while in transit and on location throughout the period of this loan.

a. Any lapses in coverage, failure to secure insurance, or inaction on the part of the borrower will not release the borrower from liability for loss or damage.
b. The Borrower undertakes to cover all loss of damage to the loan object(s) through an insurance policy for its value or as updated and agreed in writing between the Lender and the Borrower.
c. Copies of the insurance coverage will be supplied to Chugachmiut.

4. Photographs or other reproductions of the object(s) must not be made for commercial purposes by the Borrower or other parties without prior permission of Chugachmiut.

a. Unless written notice to the contrary is given in advance, objects may be photographed and reproduced for normal publicity and catalogue purposes before and during the exhibition, and for condition records.

5. Chugachmiut must be satisfied with the standard of packing and the security and protection of the object(s) on any vehicle prior to release on loan. The Borrower will provide equivalent standards for the return of the object(s). Unpacking and installation will be undertaken by experienced staff or agents of Chugachmiut and the Borrower.

a. Chugachmiut will assume the financial costs of transit to and from the Borrower, not to include insurance costs.
b. The Borrower will work with Chugachmiut on all transportation and shipping arrangements to ensure proper handling.

6. Additional costs of affecting the loan, e.g. insurance, conservation, and photography will be assumed by the Borrower. Chugachmiut will make every effort to inform the Borrower of all known costs incidental to the loan herein.

7. Chugachmiut reserves the right to withdraw any objects whose condition has deteriorated or may deteriorate due to continued travel, or whose security appears to be threatened, or when other urgent reasons necessitate withdrawal.

8. Inventory reports on the objects on loan will be completed before and after transport to and from the loan venue, and for all other moves. Inventory and condition inspections will be undertaken by experienced staff or agents of Chugachmiut or Borrower. Copies will be provided to Chugachmiut and Borrower.

a. Inventory of the items with double entry verification, will be conducted by Chugachmiut before checkout to the Borrower.
b. Upon receipt of the kit the borrower agrees to inventory the items using double entry verification and will report any discrepancies in the inventory to Chugachmiut.
c. The borrower will conduct an inventory of the items prior to shipping and return to Chugachmiut.

9. All third party requests relating to the loan object(s) will be referred to Chugachmiut unless specific license is given to the Borrower, including but not limited to copyright. The Borrower will not lend the objects to any third party, or otherwise remove them from the location where the object(s) are displayed, except in an emergency.

10. The Borrower will be responsible for the storage and security of the object(s).

a. The object(s) will be kept in secure building in areas adequately protected against extremes of temperature, humidity, light and vibration.
b. Supervision will be provided by the Borrower when the object(s) are on public displayed in an unsecure area.
c. Valuable object(s) will be provided secure overnight storage.

11. By signing the face of this agreement you agree to all terms and conditions set forth in this document.

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