The Heritage Kits are based on the Chugach Regional Elders’ TEK where cultural lessons are aligned with the Chugachmiut Curriculum Framework and Alaska State Cultural, Science and Geography Standards at the time of development. The kits include curriculum, books, posters, banners, objects, inter-active digital experiences, and field experiences as appropriate.

Alexandrovsk - English Bay in its Traditional Way - Vol 1
Alexandrovsk - English Bay in its Traditional Way - Vol 2
Alexandrovsk - English Bay in its Traditional Way - Vol 3
An Archaelogical Site in Kenai Fjords National Park
An Ethnography of Chenega Bay and Tatitlek, Alaska
An Ethnography of Port Graham and Nanwalek
The Archaeology of Cook Inlet, Alaska
Apps for Language Pronunciation
Bibliography of Frederica de Laguna
The Chugach Eskimo by Kaj Birket-Smith
Chugach Prehistory - The Archaeology of Prince William Sound
Chugach Navigation
The Chugach Story
Curriculum to Use With the Cultural Heritage Preservation
Do it Yourself - 3D Display
Eyak Indians of Copper River Delta, AK
Eyak- dAXunhyuu The People
Fireweed Cillqaq Vol. 1-3 Online Link
Imam Cimiucia - Our Changing Sea
In Honor of Eyak
Looking Back on Subsistence - Interviews with Elders
Nanwalek and Port Graham Project Jukebox
Nupuget - A Beginning Alu’utiq Picture Dictionary
Old Beliefs - Qanqirllat Picit
Out of Our Time - The Storytellers Oonechguk Edowchu
Patterns of Wild Resource Use in English Bay & Port Graham, AK
Prince William Sound Words 1961
Seasonal Round Hunting Land Mammal
Simple Sugt’stun Classroom Commands with Kukuu
Sim Table
Student created a Sugpiaq / Alutiiq Prezi
Sugpiaq Catalog
Sugpiat Lucit – The Ways of the Sugpiaq
Sugpiaq: Sugt’stun Word of the Week
Virtual Wardrobe
Community Field Trips

Port Graham

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